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Jaguar Academy Guide


Mission of Jaguar Academy

The Jaguar Academy class will help students improve their reading skills by exploring areas of student interest and collaborating with teachers to set realistic goals for reading growth.

Student Responsibilities

  • The student will commit to set goals for personal growth in reading.
  • The student will commit to be proactive in choosing reading materials and use time wisely to complete quizzes and obtain Reading Quiz points.
  • The student will commit to actively seek the guidance of their teachers in choosing books and continually conferencing with teachers to monitor progress.
  • The student will commit to completing updates to his/her JA Activity Log daily.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • The teacher will commit to conferencing with students about their strengths in the areas of reading, as well as strategies for growth.
  • The teacher will commit to thoughtfully advising students about reading materials.
  • The teacher will commit to collaborating with parents about student progress.
  • The teacher will commit to offering differentiated choices to meet the needs of all students.

Parent Responsibilities

  • The parent will commit to positively encouraging students to READ!
  • The parent will commit to having regular discussions with students about what they are reading and their progress towards fulfilling Jaguar Academy commitments.
  • The parent will commit to collaborating with Jaguar Academy teachers about student progress.

JA Grading System

Jaguar Academy is a course for which each student at NWMS is registered.  Therefore, each student will receive progress reports and quarterly grades.  Grades will not be updated weekly in PowerSchool, but parents can go to our ReadnQuiz website at any time and check their student’s progress. To do this, go to our school webpage, click on Academics, Media Center, and the ReadnQuiz link. Login with your student’s ID number as both username and password and click on My Info. Students will be graded according to the following grading scale:

A 26+

B 21-25

C 16-20

D 11-15

F 10 below


I have read and understand the responsibilities assigned to me.

Student Signature _______________________________________________ Date __________________

Teacher Signature ______________________________________________ Date __________________

Parent Signature ________________________________________________ Date __________________