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These things we do, so ALL may lead!
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Superhero! Guess who?

North Middle Leaders of the Month 2016-2017

Very serious business . . .

Mild mannered middle school principal by day . . . 

Exploratory heros? Of course!

North Middle Staff Year 2016-2017 Kickoff 

We are ready 2017-2018!

6th Grade Cross Curriculum Unit School Store

How many pennies will this boat hold?

Admiring our boats :)

November Leaders of the Month 2016-2017

Bring it on! 2017-2018 we are ready!

Aluminum Foil Boat Activity

These things we do, so all may lead.


Great things are happening at our school!

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PTO First Meeting Highlights

September 12, 2018, NWMS PTO met in the Media Center at 6 PM. Next meeting will be Thursday, October 26, 2017.
Academic Parent-Teacher Teams Thumbnail Image

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

Here at NWMS, we strive to engage parents in their child’s middle school journey. In fact, increasing parent engagement is one of our primary school WIGS (wildly important goals). We hope you will partner with us this year in supporting your child to reach his/her greatest potential! This year, we will offer three classroom team meetings for parents. The "classroom team" consists of the homeroom teacher and all the parents in the class. In these group meetings, the teacher will review and explain grade-level academic data, provide parents with individual data about their own child's performance, and help parents set academic goals for their student. Click the heading for more information.
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