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These things we do, so ALL may lead!
Public Notice

Remote Learning Information

  • Go to your Grade Level assignment board and follow the instructions.
  • ALL students will also need to complete items for the Exploratory board found after the grade level boards.
If you have any questions, please contact your teacher.
6th Grade Remote Learning Expectations
In order to be counted present, complete one ELA, Social Studies, Science, and Math activity for a toal of 4 each day!
Read 30 minutes in your library book of your choice and write a 4 sentence summary about what you have read.
I can summarize what I read in my book.
Write a poem or song about the snow It must have at least 5 lines.
I can create a poem.
Use 5 or more examples of figurative language with the snow. (Some examples are: metaphor, simile, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia)
I can use figurative language.
Choose one  of the following to write the sequence in which you would complete; building a snowman, making hot chocolate, or getting dressed to play in the snow. You must have at least 5 steps written in order for the event you chose. Make sure each step is written in complete sentences and you use details. Be descriptive!
I understand the sequence of events.
Listen to the song "Let it Snow". Write at least 3 sentences explaining the tone and mood of the song. Use descriptive words to explain the tone and mood and then explain why you chose that tone and mood.
I understand tone and mood.
Social Studies
Explain in 5 or more sentences how snow could have impacted the way humans lived in the past. How does this compare to today's society?
I can explain how the weather may impact society.
Social Studies
Interview a family member/friend about the biggest snowstorm they can remember or imagine the biggest snowstorm. Write a paragraph (4 - 5 sentences) summary. 
I can apply scientific changes to everyday life.
Social Studies
Pretend you are an early human. Write what you might have to do to survive a snowstorm. How would you eat? How might you stay warm? You must write a story with at least 4 complete sentences.
I understand early human life.
Social Studies
Explain how living in a snowy climate would affect housing choices in a civilization. Write 5 complete sentences.
I understan how weather affects daily life.
Social Studies
Explain how the climate affects the growing seasons in specific cultures. Write 4-5 complete sentences.
I understand how weather affects food 
Explain how the application of salt or brine solutions on highways assist in melting frozen precipitation. Use what you have learned this year about properties of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and write a 5-7 sentence explanation of how this works. 
I understand the properties of matter
Make a meal or snack for your family and list all of the physical and chemical changes that occur as you cook and eat.
I can apply scientific changes to everday life.
Explain the process of ice changing from solid to liquid using the following vocabulary words: melting point, atoms, freezing point.
I can explain the properties of matter.
Explain why you can go outside after a big snow has just fallen and everything seems much more quiet than normal. Where are the sound waves? What are they doing? How is this different from when there was no snow on the ground?
I understand sound waves.
When there is snow on the ground the sun can seem very bright and even, sometimes, hurt your eyes. Why is this happening? Explain what the light waves are doing? Use some of the following words to explain this. (refraction, reflection, absorb)
I understand light waves.
Write and solve 5 math word problems. Choose at least 3 of the following topics to use in the word problems. (percent, dividing fractions, ratios, unit rate, area/perimeter)
I can apply what I have learned to create math problems.
Imagine you are making a grocery list of snow day snacks. List the snacks and the prices. Add up the prices to get a total. The items will be delivered to your house for a fee of 5% of the total. Find the total with the added fee. (Use your percent triangle.) Show your work!
I can solve real world percentage problems.
Write 3 diving fractions problems and 2 dividing fraction word problems. Create an answer key with all of the work.
I can create and solve problems by dividing fractions.
Find a 3D prism or pyramid. You can draw it, take a picture of it or cut it out of a magazing. Draw the net of the shape on a piece of paper and write the formulas you would use to find the area of the faces on the net.
I understand how to use the net to find the area.
Find a recipe, either from your parents or online, write down the ingredients of the original recipe and then rewrite the recipe using only 1/4 of the original ingredients. Label the first recipe ORIGINAL and the one you rewrote NEW.
I can convert measurements of a recipe.
7th Grade Remote Learning Expectations
Choose two Core Class assignments each remote day and two Exploratory classes. Mark the ones you chose off and you can not do it for the next Remote day. Turn in your work to the teacher of that subject.
LT: I can solve real world problems that have fractional quantities that involve ratios.
**Restaurant Recipes:
You just purchased a restaurant and want to use your granny's old recipes. Find two different recipes that you love and scale up each recipe by nine to feed your hungry customers. Use a table to record your conversions and show that your ratios are equivalent for each ingredient.
LT: I can organize events in a narrative in a natural and logical order.
**Journal your stay at home. You should write 1/2 a page a day. Tell us what you ate, did, etc. Describe what life is like during this time
LT: I can identify what types of topics I enjoy learning.
**Which topic have you enjoyed the most in Science and why? 5 - 7 sentences about the unit. Punctuation and Capitalization count!
LT: I can identify what types of topics I enjoy learning about.
**Which topic this year have you enjoyed the most in SS and why? 5 - 7 specific sentences about the unit. Punctuation and Capitalization count!
LT: I can solve real world problems involving proportional relationships.
**Create a way to show an absent student how to solve the following:
CAKE: A recipe for cake calls for half a stick of butter and two eggs. Chef Ingram was distracted and beat in 1 stick of butter and three eggs.
a. How will he have to adjust the remaining ingredients to keep the original proportion of butter to eggs?
b. How many cakes will he end up making?
LT: I can write organized and informative pieces, with relevant content, to explore a topic and express ideas, concepts and information.
**Choose items from your house. Write a scribt for a commercial that would last between 30seconds to 1-minute that would convince someone to purchase. Or Act out your commercial and record it on your phone and show it to me in class. Explain why it is so awesome and why they should purchase it. Make sure to give a complete description of the product and the benefits of owning your product.
LT: I can design a weather forecast.
**Pretend you are a meteorologist. Give a pretend forecast for tomorrow. Any type of weather you want. MUST use vocabulary like (warm/cold/occluded/stationary fronts) and draw the symbols.
LT: I can construct a historically accurate response to the church as Galileo.
**Pretend you are Galelio and you have been told that you must denounce your proclamation that the earth rotates around the Sun. Write a 5-7 response to the church about what you would say. Remember you ARE Galileo. Speak as he would speak.
LT: I can solve real world problems involving proportional relationships.
**Fix This: Keeping Ingredients in ProportionShow all your work (Hint create a table)
COOKIES: A recipe that makes 5 dozen cookies calls for 3 eggs and 6 cups of flour. Sue only has 2 eggs.
a. How could she adjust the recipe to keep the ingredients in proportion?
b. How many cookies will she end up making?
LT: I can create a comic strip that contains multiple types of figurative language to make it more interesting.
**Make a comic strip with three characters using different kinds of figurative language. Figurative language examples: metaphors, similes, personification, oxymorom, alliteration, idiom, hyperbole etc.
LT: I can create true or false statements about kinetic energy, potential energy, law of conservation of energy
**2 Truths and one 1 lie with the following words: kinetic energy, potential energy, law of conservation of energy. Must use the word in the sentence and use capital letters and punctuation.
LT: I can anayze the importance of different inventions for the Age of Exploration.
**During the Age of Exploration you had to choose the least important and most important invention of the time. Tell me again and explain why you chose that invention. Each invention gets 3 sentences each. Choose from flush toilets, microscopes, gunpowder and printing press.
LT: I can solve real world problems involving proportional relationships.
**Proportional Data
Pick an activity that you could do at a steady rate for a minute like:
  • jumping jacks
  • snapping your fingers
  • drawing stars
  • saying "slippery snails"
Have someone help you count and keep track of time to find out how many you can do in a minute. Use this data to figure out how long it would take you to do a million.
LT: I can identify the setting of future events of a TV show and create understandable dialogue.
**Watch your favorite TV show. Write a script of the next episode. Including setting and dialogue.
Extra Credit: Draw a scene from your episode.
LT: I can draw and label difference use of energy transformations
**Draw and label the following uses of energy transformations: chemical to light, kinetic to thermal, light to chemical, and electrical to sound.
LT: I caLn create true or false statements about the historical time periods.
**2 truths and a lie with the following words: Renaissance, Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution. Remember to use the word in the sentence and capitalize and punctuate. 
LT: I can use proportional relationships to solve multi-step ratios and percent problems,
Trail Mix for One
This recipe makes 12 servings of Trail Mix:
  • 2 cups salted peanuts
  • 1 cup whole almonds
  • 3/4 cup M nMs
  • 1 cup dried cherries
  • 1/3 cup flaked coconut
Rewrite the recipe to serve 1 person keeping the ingredient ratios the same.
Spicy - What percent of the mix are almonds?
LT: I can create a morpheme monster using my morpheme meaning correctly.
**In order to get credit for this assignment, you are tasked with the creation/invention of a "Morpheme Monster". You will name your monster using 3-5 of the roots/prefixes/suffixes from the morphemes you have learned this year. You will then describe what your monster eats, where it lives, how it looks and how big it is, how long it lives, and any other habits you can think of.
"Amphi-ecto-hydro-pod-cide" is an amphibious animal much like frogs and certain other animals are. His aquatic nature ensures that he lives near swamps so that he can live both in water and in the nearby terrain.
As you can see the description uses the definition of the mophemes used to make the name of my new monster.
LT: I can explain how good stewardship has a positive impact on the Earth.
**Explain in 5-7 sentences why we need to be good stewards of the Earth. (stewardship, is the responsible care and use of this planet's resources). Use the words renewable and nonrenewable in your explanation.
LT: I can compare and contrast the lifestyles of common people from different time periods.
**Imagine that you lived during the early 1800's. How would a snow day be different than a snow day is in 2023? Write 5-7 setences.
8th Grade Remote Learning Expectations
Choose one activity from each subject for each remote day. Be prepared to hand this work in when you return to school.
Math English Science History
Measure the rate of snowfall OR snow melt three times with one hour in between. Determine the rate of change.
**I can find the rate of change.**
Think about the different types of figurative language. Based on what you see outside, create four types of figurative language.
**I can determine the meaning of words.**
Explain states of change for water in the water cycle to produce snow from water in a pond through to snow.
**I can describe changes of states of matter.**
Interview a family member/guardian and ask how they spent their "snow days." 
**I can analyze how a person interprets the past.**
Mr. Wyatt's dog training business charges a flat rate of $25 and then $20 per hour afterwards. Write a linear function to represent this, label the slope and y-intercept, and graph this function.
**I can write a linear function.**
Write a four sentence paragraph describing how you spent one of your days. Make sure you edit using the COPS strategy.
**I can write a narrative using grammatical rules.**
Help your family prepare food, & list the chemical & physical changes that happened.
**I can differentiate between physical and chemical changes.**
Write a four sentence paragraph about how snow impacts us as humans.
**I can analyze how geography impacts us as humans.**
Mr. Woodie's dog training business charges a flat rate of $50 and then $10 per hour afterwards. Write a linear function to represent this, label the slope and y0intercept, and graph this function.
**I can write a linear function.**
Watch a movie/episode and then write an objective summary.
**I can write an objective summary of a movie.**
Explain at least three ways that your family can conserve energy during cold weather months.
**I can explain how to conserve resources.**
List the three branches of government and who is in charge of each branch.
**I can demonstrate my knowledge of the US government.**
What is the solution to this system of equations? Use algebra to solve.
**I can find solutions to equation systems.**
Read for 30 minutes in a literature/fiction reading selection. Complete the SWBST strategy based on what you read.
**I can use textual evidence to understand a piece of text.**
Explain how excessive snowfall affects competition for the following populations: Herbivores, carnivores, & detrItivores.
**I can determine how environmental changes affect competition in an ecosystem.**
List out 15 states that are part of the United Stated. Put if each state is in the North, East, South, or West.
**I can review the geography of the USA.**
Copy down any recipe you can find that contains fractions. Then rewrite the recipe and convert the fractions into decimals.
**I can convert fractions to decimals.**
Read an article of your choice and complete either the 5 Ws or the SOAPSTone strategy based on what you read.
**I can analyze a nonfiction article.**
Explain whether snow creation is endothermic or exothermic. Explain whether snow melting is endothermic or exothermic.
**I can differentiate between endo-& exothermic changes.**
List 3 and describe 3 Acts that the British passed that caused the American Revolution.
**I can explain the causes of the American Revolution.**
Find at least one example of a cylinder at home. Using a ruler, measure the diamter and height. Use these numbers to calculate the volume.
**I can find the volume of a cylinder.**
After watching a movie or episode, make a small poster that shows STEAL (says, thinks, effects, action, and looks).
**I can describe a character.**
How would you identify alkali metals, transition metals, or metalloids from the periodic table? Explain in at least a paragraph.
**I can differentiate bewteen element groups based on their properties.**
Out of the Bill of Rights, list three amendments and what they are. Out of those three, which one is the most important to you and why?
**I can show that I know my rights as an American citizen.**
Solve the following equation using algebra:
**I can solve equations with variables on both sides.**
Write the definitions to the following words:
Author's Claim, Dramatic Irony, Tone Situational Irony, and Allusion.
**I can define important ELA vocabulary.**
How would you identify nonmetals, halogens, and noble gasses from the periodic table? Explain in at least a paragraph.
**I can differentiate between element groups based on their properties.**
What region in NC do you live? List 3 characteristics of this region.
**I can describe my region that I live in.**
Solve the following equation using algebra:
**I can solve equations with variables on both sides.**
Write an argument with a claim about a positive change that you would like to see at your school.
**I can write an argument for change.**
How is the periodic table laid out? (use the words left, middle, stair-step, right, metals, metalloids, nonmetals in your explanation.
**I can outline the layout of our periodic table.**
Based on the Wax Museum, write out eight facts you know about your individual.
**I can describe an important individual from history.**
Exploratory Remote Learning Expectations
Please complete one assignment for each of your exploratory classes that you are currently taking for each day.  
Performing Arts & Chorus/Band
Art Health PE Macy/Ward
Make a playlist of five songs, that you would say explains your life/personality right now, and explain why you chose those songs. Draw a snow globe containing a creative landscape. Your picture must include a foreground, middle ground, and background. Turn in a paper drawing when we return to school. Analyze the nutrition label for a snack that you have eaten today.
Complete the daily warm-up. Stretches, 10 push-ups, and 10 curl-ups.
Write a story about your life after high school and what you would like it to look like.
(2 paragraphs)
Rehearse each of the songs we are working on in class three times. Mark in your sheet music the specific areas where you struggled to sing it correctly. Then, write what aspects about those areas made you struggle (ex. rhythm, pitch, lyrics, timing)
Design the ultimate sled. Draw it from different angles to show all the unique features. (rocket boosters, safety harness, etc... be creative!) Turn in your design on paper when we return to school/
Identify a character in a book, movie or TV show making a decision. Answer the questions below.
1. What motivated the decision?
2. What was the outcome (consequence) of the decision?
30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of mountain climbers, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of planks.
What would be your dream job? Explain what your day to day would look like.
(2 paragraphs)
Write as many words as you can using only the musical alphabet (A-G), Then, write the notes on the staff that go with that letter. Make sure to mark if it's Treble or Bass Clef! Imagine a world where something else besides snow fell from the sky (candy, cats, decide!) Draw or paint what that place would look like. Turn it in when we return to school. Plan a healthy dinner menu. What would you serve at your dinner? Create-a-game - Create a game you can play at home. How do you play, what are the rules, how do you keep score, what equipment do you need? Design a new invention. Draw what it would look like and explain what problem it solves. Explain how it can be used for good and bad.
Design a stage set for a play that takes place beside a creek. You must include the background and stage props. Make sure to draw the set to the best of your ability. Use color and be creative! Make a paper snowflake! Make your design as complex as possible with only scissors and one sheet of full sized paper (8.5x11). Turn in your creation when we return to school. Find a new (healthy) recipe and prepare this item. What did you prepare? What makes it healthy? How did it turn out? Pick a physical activity you enjoy or play outside for 15 minutes. Find some technology in your house and describe the problem that the technology solves.
Write a monologue for a character who is turning 13 today. The monologue must be at least 1- complete sentences long. Your character must come to a realization at the end of the monologue. Go outside and build a snow sculpture! Take a selfie with your creation for evidence and size reference. Email it to Miss Lyall. You are eating with your family at home, when suddenly a family member starts choking. What do you do? Pick 5 exercises to complete that we have done this year. Do at least 10 reps or 30 seconds of each one. Create something using recycled materials around your home. Explain its purpose.
Learn a TikTok dance! The song and dance must be school appropriate. Then, film yourself doing the dance. Analyze your performance of the dance using the B.A.S.T.E acronym. Your analysis must be at least 10 complete sentences. Paint or draw with unconventional materials like coffee, fruit juice, mud, etc. Bring in your experiment to share when we return to school. Write a paragraph response to the following question. Why might it be a good idea for people under the age of 21 to be prohibited from purchasing vapes, cigarettes, dip, and/or alcohol?    
Learn the words and tune of your favorite song. Then, record yourself singing the song. Then, using 10 complete sentences, analyze your performance of the song and the song's emotion. Build the tallest tower possible out of ice cubes. Do it on a melts! Take a picture for evidence and size reference. Email it to Miss Lyall. Try a new stress management method today. Examples: journal, yoga, exercise, meditate.